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I’ll be glad to make your acquaintance if you like my writings!

Email: [email protected] . Please email me only if you have more than a few lines that could be said on one of the forums below. If you are in the publishing or media industry and you’re interested in talking for free, drop me a line.

Twitter: @scots__thoughts (two underscores!)

Facebook group AWESOME Thought: A community for people who consider themselves AWESOME (four or more of Agnostic / Atheist, Worldly, Existential, Scientific / Statistical, Objective, Moderate, and Educated).

Facebook page How Life Got This Way: Like or follow this page if you like the book!

Facebook group Let US Unite: For all Americans who would rather strive for national peace than one-sided political “victory”.

YouTube channel AWESOME Thought

Tutoring services online or in Los Angeles, CA: Nth Degree Tutoring. Math, science, standardized exams, reading, research, writing, personal edification. No, I will not write your term paper. 🙁

I have kept my photography on Zenfolio for a few years, but I am making a transition to Instagram.

The angrier your message, the more likely it is to be ignored! Please respect my privacy and do not contact me through my personal Facebook account if I don’t know you.